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«Funky Art» is my way of coping with cancer. With every painted picture that you buy from me, you support the SWISS CANCER FOUNDATION, which supports me with my illness on a daily basis.

I. About Me


About Me

A crisis with a happy ending

Carlos Primeros - through cancer from Businessman to an Artist, undreamt-of talents lie dormant in every person, you just have to discover them

Carlos Primeros is my pseudonym, my alias name. My friends in South-America create this name for me.

I was born in 1951 and was a very successfully businessman and serial entrepreneur.

In March 2020 after returning from a trip to Asia, I received the devastating diagnosis after a routine examination: incurable cancer. The cancer had already metastasized to the abdomen and the skeleton. This pulled the floor from under my feet.

Some surgical interventions and therapies followed in the hospital, the goal was to defeat the cancer, but it did not succeed.

For many, crises are a defeat, for me crises are a challenge. It wasn’t always like that, I had to learn it first at an advanced age. My stay at the “SPA for Mind and Soul” helped me with this. In this oasis of well-being, I was shielded from all negative influences. Even today I avoid anything negative. Many would describe me as «conflict averse», which has no justification. Because I look to myself what is good for me and what is not good for me. During my stay in therapy I developed fine antennae that warn me of any «threat». I also had to laboriously train myself to do this. For example, when I walk into a room, I immediately feel negative energy present. Energy that I can no longer let myself be caught, whereby the everyday dynamics bother me. That means I have to keep getting my course back on track. Because only those who follow the course will achieve their goal.

With psychological support, I then got into painting therapy. I had never painted in my life before; I was always interested in the art market and art. “Pop Art” has always fascinated me, but I wanted to find my own style. Today painting is meditation for me. I am in the art and media studio every Monday and Tuesday.

«There is the painter who turns the sun into a yellow spot, but there is also someone who, with deliberation and craftsmanship, turns the yellow spot into a sun,» says Pablo Picasso. This wisdom applies especially to the works of the Catalan artist Joan Miro. He was a master of color, who gave joy with his pictures and created art without age restrictions.

When my son saw my first picture, he said mischievously: «Dad, it’s funky way!» And so my painting style was born.

I pick up people with bold colors. There is always a provocation built into the subject, because naturalistic images bore me. It would be like reproducing a photo, reproducing the nature.

II. Making-off



Funk(y) Art (derived from the English funky) is a name for the art of the American Neo-Dadaists and a Californian version of material art, the no longer usable, non-functioning objects from rubbish, such as old records, pin-up pictures or leather as Symbols for a fast-moving consumer society in its bizarre, humorous, terrifying, shocking, obscene, vulgar or erotic assemblages, built in space-consuming environments, ceramics and paintings and placed them in a different aesthetic context. This was supposed to criticize the orderly petty-bourgeois everyday life in an ironic-satirical way.

From the idea, the first sketch to the finished painted picture

"the Moroccan cheetah"

"the jocker"

"bella vita"

III. Read more


Read more

Painting became my passion.

When I’m in my art studio, I’m in my own world. Painting is playing, experimenting, feeling, gaining experience, communicating, culture and pure joy. In many areas, for example, painting is on the therapy plan because it liberates and at the same time acts like a valve.

The imaginary third eye – the imagination – is increasingly being capped by our world knowledge. The ratio dominates the emotion and slowly cuts off the flow of art. Adults think too much and find it difficult to drift. They are increasingly losing their spontaneity and have doubts as to whether they can actually paint. Many only think of the result and leave out the aspect of actual artistic creation. This is very unfortunate, because painting makes you happy and enriches everyday life. It frees and everyday worries are brushed away for some time! The end result does not matter because there is no jury to hand out grades. Once the mental lock is lifted, a wonderful, colorful world of emotions opens up.

V. Talks



Paintings to order

«There is an artist in every person, you have to discover this talent, it just takes time!» Anyone who thins they don’t have this time has the opportunity toady to take advantage ot the «paint job» service.

After a short briefing, you will receive a fist sketch and give me the okay to create your final «dream» picture, which I only paint in acryline.

Contact me please atelier@carlos-primeros.com

VI. Events


Exhibition's Calendar 21//22

This calendar lists all international, national and club-organized exhibition dates in Switzerland.



Hören - Hinhören - Gehört werden

10 October 2021 – 27 October 2021

Aktionstage psychische Gesundheit Kanton Solothurn 2021

Living Museum – Kunst in der Altstadt. Eine Kunstausstellung in den Schaufenstern der Altstadt Solothurn. In 20 Schaufenster der Altstadt Solothurn:

Stalden – Friedhofsplatz – Gurzelngasse – Hauptgasse

Ein Projekt in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Living Museum. Weltweit entstehen immer mehr solche «Living Museen»,  aber es finden sich auch immer mehr Galerien, welche die dort entstandene Kunst zeigen und öffentlich machen, von New York bis Südkorea.



Morella and Third Dimension

12 Juny 2020 – 20 Juny 2021

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Painting and Drawing From Street Art

20 December 2021 – 25 December 2021

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VII. Client


Statements from Art Lovers

In art there is no right or wrong. In art and in love everything is allowed.

Dear Carlito, I go compliant with your son, funky art, great, keep it up. Congratulations, you change sides, in the end our creativity keeps us alive and that will stay with us one day! All the best for your exhibition! Warm greetings
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Louis Venilley
Carlos, I congratulate you on your works of art, I looked around your website a bit and discovered a lot of interesting and impressive things. See you soon, Warm regards
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Colle Mowlan
Dear Carlito, Nice works ..... congratulations.
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Hendrix Sanch